Boarding Pre-Registration

Please call 815-899-3435 to confirm availability before submitting the pre-registration form. Submitting a Pre-registration form does not guarantee a reservation for your dog.

Please fill out the form below and submit to pre-register your dog for our Boarding Services. Most fields are required.

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(Discounted passes available – must be prepaid) All dogs attending doggie daycare are required to pass an evaluation prior to attending daycare. Please review our doggie daycare policies handout.


Grooming (pricing based by breed – appointment required)

Nails Trimmed $15

Nails Dremel $20

Ears Cleaned $10

To break up your dogs daily routine, we offer the following extras:

Peanut butter stuffed rubber toy (kong) - $3ea

Pupcicles (beef broth frozen with a bone in middle) - $3ea

Fetch with Frisbee or Ball (10 min one on one time with human) $10ea

Ewegurt Smoothie $4 ea

Busy Buddy Toy filled with your dog’s kibble. $6ea


Did you bring your pets food with you? Brand?

How much do you feed your pet (measurable amount), what type and how often?
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Please list the brand of flea preventative you use and last date applied.

Has your pet been boarded before? YesNo
How was their experience/ are there any issues we should be aware of?


Does your dog have fears or phobias?
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Are there any special handling instructions?

Please list all belongings you are leaving with your pet. (Label everything)


Is your pet on any medications? YesNo

Please list the time, amount and what medication as well as any special instructions or other medications your pet will need during their visit:

All medications must be in original medication bottle with instructions clearly marked. We administer oral or topical medications only.(no injections)


This form is required to be filled out for all boarding. Save time by filling it out online now!

Vaccination records are required at least 48 hours prior to boarding. Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella and negative fecal sample

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