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How to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

Dogs are one of the world’s most popular pets, and for a good reason! Dogs provide unconditional love to their owners. However, some dogs can be more difficult than others to train. If you have a dog that is difficult to train, it can greatly impact your relationship with them. One of the most important things in training your pup is consistency. This means rewarding good behaviors when they happen and ignoring bad ones until they go away or are brought under control. Here are some tips from Ceaser’s Way. 

Do Immediately Praise and Reward Desired Behavior

Dogs live in the moment, so your response should be immediate. This can include both treats and affection, and should be used whenever your dog does something that you want them to do. If you’re house training a dog, treat him every time he does his business outside. Working on commands? Pet him each time he does what you say.

Do Keep it Short and Fun

The goal is to get your dog to realize that good things come when she obeys you. Because of that, you should make training short, fun, and positive — ideally ending on a good note.

Do Wean From Treats

While it’s absolutely okay to use treats in the beginning to get the behavior you want, over time you should wean your dog off of them but continue to offer praise and affection. Eventually, your pup will forget about the treats and do what you want just to please you. In effect, you become the treat.You can also condition your dog to associate a certain sound, like “Tsch!” or a clicker with receiving a treat. When you remove the treat, your dog will still respond to the sound.

Do Enroll in classes 

Huckleberry Pet Parlor offers dog training to help you and your pup create better habits and live a long life with each other. Here is an example of some classes we offer:

  • Basic Obedience – Want an overall well behaved pet that you’re proud to show off? Then this class is for you! We will go over basic manners and behavior, how to greet people, loose leash walking, basic commands and so much more – all in a fun and positive environment!
  • Advanced Obedience – We will build on what we have learned in basic class – adding distractions and learning more complex commands. By the end of this class you should be able to pass the CGC with flying colors! (Available upon interest)?

CGC – This is the AKC CGC test available to all dogs that have passed the Advanced Obedience Class here, or those who have taken an Advanced Class elsewhere. This is a one day test, and should you pass your dog will earn the title of Canine Good Citizen. For more information on the requirements to pass the CGC please visit the AKC website  CLICK HERE.

Don’t Make Things Complicated

If you want your dog to play fetch, don’t tell him to “fetch the ball.” Instead, just say “fetch” and immediately reward him when he does it. Get too complex with your commands or teaching in general and there’s no way your dog is going to understand. Be specific and be simple.

Don’t Show Inconsistency

You can’t reward your dog for staying off of the couch and then later let her come up and offer affection. Behaving like this will simply confuse her about what you want. Additionally, it’s important that everyone in your household follows the same rules or your pooch will run herself ragged trying to figure out how to behave with each person.

Don’t Stop Correcting Your Dog

A big mistake that often accompanies positive reinforcement is that pet parents start thinking they can’t say no to their dogs. This is absolutely not true. If a dog is acting inappropriately, you can and should still correct the behavior. What you should strive to do is keep “correction time” separate from “positive reinforcement” time. There needs to be a balance, just as there would be if you were raising a child.

Training is a two-way street and it’s important to take into account what your dog wants. 

No bones about it, Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor is Sycamore and DeKalb’s premier pet center. Our services include full-service pet grooming, doggy daycare, dog training, self-service pet wash, treats, toys, and more. Visit our website to learn more or call us at (815) 899-3435 to make an appointment.


Enrichment Toys for Dogs

Dogs are loyal, they never complain, but like humans, they can become bored. Your dog needs a variety of activities to stimulate and enrich their lives, keeping them healthy and happy! While taking them outdoors to exercise and play is great, enrichment toys can be especially helpful. Here are some enrichment toys to consider according to The Dog People. 

 LickiMat ( Find it at Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor)

LickiMat® is a family of unique, innovative, patent-protected, trademarked products designed by vets for dogs and cats. LickiMats are made from human grade rubber (TPR) and are non-toxic.  LickiMats contain no silicone or toxic substances that could poison your loved ones.  

LickiMats are designed to be: enriching, soothing and anxiety-reducing, a distraction aid for grooming and so much more! Furthermore, it’s made from human grade TPR rubber, is non-toxic, microwave proof, and freezer-friendly

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong toys have been a favorite chew toy of furry friends for more than 30 years. The bouncy rubber toy can be stuffed with a treat like dog-safe peanut butter (and so much more.)

Whether your dog is pawing it around the house or carefully licking out every last goody, it’s bound to keep him entertained all day long. Available in multiple sizes and with special varieties for puppies, seniors, and extreme chewers.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

Move over hide and seek, there’s a new game in town—and it’s called hide and squeak by Outward Hound. This plush puzzle game is simple: you stuff the adorable little squeaky squirrels into the oh-so-soft tree trunk and watch your dog pull them out one by one. Then stuff ’em back in, and do it again. This interactive toy is super fun and food free for dogs on a diet.

Available in four sizes, it’s slightly less cardio-heavy than the chasing of squirrels IRL, but it keeps dogs just as entertained.

Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Puzzle Toy for Dogs

Watch out! If you let your dog spend too much time with this clever puzzle, they’ll soon outsmart you. The wooden toy requires your dog to maneuver the levers to reveal treats.

Made by the well-regarded line of Swedish puzzle toys, Nina Ottosson, it’s a great exercise in mental stimulation that keeps your dog curious.

Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy

You know those blow-up bop bags you’d punch as a kid? This treat-dispensing toy by Starmark is kind of like that, only much smaller and filled with delicious goodies. It’s a dog puzzle to be solved with face and feet, so expect some loud and ecstatic playtime.

Fill the toy with your dog’s favorite treat, or even entire dinner, then customize the opening to determine just how many calories your dog should get. As he works for it, the toy bobs and tilts on an anti-slip, weighted base. It’s like dinner and a show.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Like the Bob-a-Lot, the IQ Treat Ball can be filled with treats, with the opening based on the desired difficulty. Want to entertain your canine all day long? Tighten that opening. Make it easy? Open it up. A one size fits all dog puzzle toy. Toys like this are great for keeping your dog physically active while also ensuring they are staying stimulated and less likely to be destructive.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Dogs love this because it’s basically their favorite game: fetch. Available in different sizes, the Tricky Treat Ball by Omega Paw is as simple as it sounds—a familiar ball shape, with tricky-to-find treats. No gimmicks here, simply load it up and watch as your dog pushes it around the house, trying to get their favorite snack out.

No bones about it, Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor is Sycamore and DeKalb’s premier pet center.  Our services include: full service pet grooming, doggy daycare, dog training, self-service pet wash, treats, toys, and more. Visit our website to learn more or call us at (815) 899-3435 to make an appointment.



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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Dental Hygiene

Many types of pets are at risk of having oral problems related to poor dental hygiene. In fact, dental disease in pets is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Over 80 percent of dogs have significant dental problems including loose teeth, sore or infected gums, and rotting tooth sockets. Because of these facts, it is important to know the signs of a dental problem with your pet and take preventative measures to improve dental hygiene.

There are many signs of a dental hygiene problem in pets. Spotting the warning signs early is important so you can help treat the problem. These warning signs include persistent bad breath, noticeable gum issues, loose teeth, missing teeth, pus around the tooth, yellow deposits on teeth, sensitivity around the mouth, pawing at face, or obvious discomfort when chewing. Some examples of gum issues include receding gum lines, gums that bleed easily, and red or swollen gums.

There are many solutions available for improving pet dental hygiene. The most effective way to maintain your pet’s oral health is brushing their teeth. Brushing teeth with a toothpaste made for pets is the best way to remove plaque and prevent tartar on teeth. Another option is to use an oral rinse or gel. To use a rinse, squirt a small amount on each side of your pet’s mouth on the inside of the cheeks. Finally, employing a dental diet or providing rawhide chew treats for your pet will help remove tartar from teeth.

Please consult with your pet’s veterinarian to help you come up with a preventative care dental regimen for your cat, dog, or other pets. For more information on dental hygiene for pets, please contact Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor at (815) 899-3435 or info@huckleberryspetparlor.com.

Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor joins The Dog Gurus

In June we joined The Dog Gurus community!  We are excited to be part of a membership group that is focused on raising the bar of safety in off-leash dog play.  Community members have exclusive first access to new tools and resources developed by The Dog Gurus.  Know your dog’s care is in the hands of professionals with a commitment to ongoing learning and access to the latest industry trends.  The Dog Gurus are the pet care industry leaders in the creation of resources with the goal of keeping all dogs safe.

Check Out Our Deluxe Overnight Accommodations!

Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor is now offering Deluxe Overnight Accommodations for your dog!

  • Deluxe Spacious Suites
  • Premium Raised Beds
  • Caring, trained staff
  • Large fenced backyard with canine turf

You can rest easy knowing your dog is tended to by caring, trained staff and our facility is secure with a fire, burglar, carbon monoxide and temperature monitoring system.

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