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Celebrating 20 years of caring for your beloved pets.

No bones about it, Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor is Sycamore and DeKalb’s premier pet center.  Our services include: full service pet grooming, doggie daycare, dog training and a self-service pet wash.

Our staff shares a genuine love and appreciation of pets along with many years of experience in the pet care industry. Whether your need is daycare or an outstanding groom, you will receive high quality, caring services at Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor.

Check out our boutique filled with holistic pet food, natural treats, training aids, toys, collars, leashes and much more!

Huckleberry’s celebrates 20 years

By Jessi LaRue for Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor

Family, friends, and adorable canines have made 20 years at Huckleberry’s a doggone good time.

“There have been customers who have supported my business, some on their second or third pet, who continue to come to us for services all these years later,” said Huckleberry’s owner Jenny Kingren.  “We have had some amazing employees over the years as well. There have been so many wonderful individuals that have worked so hard to make Huckleberry’s what it is today.”

Kingren decided to pursue a career in the pet world after working for companies that were eventually bought out and downsized.

“I decided I didn’t want to go through that again,” she said. “I wanted to do something I was passionate about. We had a one year old chocolate Labrador retriever named Annie. She was my pride and joy, and I thought ‘what can I do that I could work with animals?’”

Kingren enrolled in The Windy City School of Pet Grooming in Elk Grove, IL and opened Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor in Sycamore in 1999, originally a “one-woman shop,” after she graduated.

She later would add more groomers and expand her space throughout that building. As the space grew more services were added. Today, Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor features a boutique filled with food, treats and toys for dogs and cats, as well as doggie daycare, overnight dog lodging, dog training, self-service pet wash, and full service cat and dog grooming.

Brandi Liebert has worked as a groomer at Huckleberry’s for 13 years.

“It’s so great seeing pets grow over the years into their own unique character,” Liebert said. “Huckleberry’s is most definitely my second family.”

Employees have the opportunity to attend grooming seminars, and daycare employees, who supervise off-leash play, participate in extensive training to make sure they are equipped to handle every dog.

Ashley Martin, a groomer at Huckleberry’s for the last 18 years, finds the work very rewarding.

“I get to do something I love every day,” Martin said. “It is truly my honor to work for a business owner with such a big heart who will go the extra mile for all her customers, employees, and furry friends.”

To celebrate the parlor’s 20th anniversary, special events and deals are planned throughout the year. Specials will be posted on the 20th of each month via email and Huckleberry’s Facebook page.

Kingren says that after two decades, her vision for Huckleberry’s is now “complete,” and she looks forward to many more happy years spent serving DeKalb County’s furry friends.

“In the blink of an eye 20 years has gone by,” she said. “I joke with longtime customers when they say, ‘I remember when it was just you in the little shop.’ I like to reply, ‘we don’t look 20 years older!’”

Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

Health Benefits
Professional grooming visits allow a groomer to get to know your pet from their behavior, to their skin condition, and beyond. Whether it’s your dog or your cat, a groomer can help identify changes in a pet’s overall well-being, including coat, skin, ears and nails. If a groomer has concerns, they can direct you to a veterinarian for attention.
“It is so gratifying to see a pet go from not looking their best, to walking out of my pet parlor with their head held high, a pep in their step, and their human all smiles,” said Jenny Kingren, owner of Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor in Sycamore. “In the 19 years I have owned and groomed at Huckleberry’s, I feel like I have seen it all! Severely matted pets, skunked pets needing emergency baths – we have found gravel, sucker sticks, asphalt, paint, paper clips, rubber bands and bubble gum stuck in their coats. I love helping our clients, both human and furry friends.”
What a Grooming Appointment Includes
Your pet’s grooming appointment is truly a spa day from beginning to end.
We start with two baths for your pet. The first bath removes surface dirt, while the second wash cleans down to your pet’s skin. At Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor, we use a pressurized bathing system that helps rejuvenate the pet’s epidermis by oxygenating underneath the fur, opening the pores, and completely cleansing them of oils and bacteria. This helps restore a youthful sheen and vigor to the animal’s coat, skin, and nails. Our clarifying shampoo is small batch crafted in a pure, mild base to clarify the skin and coat from dirt, oil, stains and buildup. This leaves the coat lustrous, healthy and shiny while refreshing and brightening all coat colors.
We then dry the pet with a high velocity air dryer to help loosen and blow out excess undercoat. We follow this with various brushes and tools to remove unwanted undercoat. This means less shedding at home!
Your grooming appointment also includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, and, depending on the breed, a full haircut. We also offer optional services such as teeth brushing, anal gland expression on small dog breeds, nail grinding and nail polish. Our walk-in services of mini makeovers and nail-trims are very popular.
When to Schedule
When a pet is matted, hair is tangled and tight close to the skin. This discomfort can even lead to skin sores on your pet. It’s important to brush long haired pets often, and keep an eye on your pet’s grooming schedule.
Short-haired dogs, like Labrador Retrievers or Beagles, can come in every 8-12 weeks, depending on your dog’s shedding and odor.
For canines that require a haircut, such as a Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, or any type of poodle or poodle mix, we recommend scheduling a grooming appointment for your pet every 4-6 weeks in order to keep your pet’s coat in its best shape. Looking for a low-maintenance groom? Try a shorter haircut on your long-haired dog. Shorter cuts are helpful for dogs that play in the water, or have messy faces when eating.
“Non-shedding breeds such as poodles, bichons, and any breed mixed with those coat types, tend to blow their puppy coat at about 1 year old,” Kingren said. “During this time it is very difficult to keep a longer coat from matting, even for the most diligent pet owners. I recommend keeping a shorter coat during this transition time. Unfortunately, some dogs with that type of coat may battle matting for their entire life.”
Start Them Young
Bringing your pet to the groomer as a puppy or kitten will help them have a lifetime of enjoyable grooming experiences. Your groomer will slowly introduce your young pet to the bath, blow dry, and the grooming tools. With pets, practice makes perfect!
Interested in learning more about pet grooming services? Visit HuckleberrysPetParlor.com. For grooming pricing, call 815-899-3435. Walk-in nail trimming and mini makeover services are available 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Dental Hygiene

Many types of pets are at risk of having oral problems related to poor dental hygiene. In fact, dental disease in pets is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Over 80 percent of dogs have significant dental problems including loose teeth, sore or infected gums, and rotting tooth sockets. Because of these facts, it is important to know the signs of a dental problem with your pet and take preventative measures to improve dental hygiene.

There are many signs of a dental hygiene problem in pets. Spotting the warning signs early is important so you can help treat the problem. These warning signs include persistent bad breath, noticeable gum issues, loose teeth, missing teeth, pus around the tooth, yellow deposits on teeth, sensitivity around the mouth, pawing at face, or obvious discomfort when chewing. Some examples of gum issues include receding gum lines, gums that bleed easily, and red or swollen gums.

There are many solutions available for improving pet dental hygiene. The most effective way to maintain your pet’s oral health is brushing their teeth. Brushing teeth with a toothpaste made for pets is the best way to remove plaque and prevent tartar on teeth. Another option is to use an oral rinse or gel. To use a rinse, squirt a small amount on each side of your pet’s mouth on the inside of the cheeks. Finally, employing a dental diet or providing rawhide chew treats for your pet will help remove tartar from teeth.

Please consult with your pet’s veterinarian to help you come up with a preventative care dental regimen for your cat, dog, or other pets. For more information on dental hygiene for pets, please contact Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor at (815) 899-3435 or info@huckleberryspetparlor.com.

Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor joins The Dog Gurus


In June we joined The Dog Gurus community!  We are excited to be part of a membership group that is focused on raising the bar of safety in off-leash dog play.  Community members have exclusive first access to new tools and resources developed by The Dog Gurus.  Know your dog’s care is in the hands of professionals with a commitment to ongoing learning and access to the latest industry trends.  The Dog Gurus are the pet care industry leaders in the creation of resources with the goal of keeping all dogs safe.

Check Out Our Deluxe Overnight Accommodations!

Huckleberry’s Pet Parlor is now offering Deluxe Overnight Accommodations for your dog!

  • Deluxe Spacious Suites
  • Premium Raised Beds
  • Caring, trained staff
  • Large fenced backyard with canine turf

You can rest easy knowing your dog is tended to by caring, trained staff and our facility is secure with a fire, burglar, carbon monoxide and temperature monitoring system.

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