Dog & Cat Grooming

Monday – Friday

Our state-of-the-art grooming salon is staffed with trained professionals ready to provide your pet with a range of services including: Bath & Blow-dry, Brushing, Pedicures, Ear Care, Canine Styles and Skin Treatments.

Our professional staff skillfully grooms all breeds by appointment.

Pricing is based on breed, size, coat condition and temperament. Please call (815) 899-3435 for a estimate.

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Cat grooming:

Bath and Brush Out: $60 and up

Haircuts: $70 and up

Haircut and Bath: $80 and up

Cat Holder Fee $20

Nail Trim $15


Nail Trim Walk-in (available M – F 9am – 3pm) $15.00
Nail Trim with Dremel Tool $20.00
Nail Trim & Pawlish $25.00
Pawlish with Grooming $10.00
Nail Trim & Ears Cleaned $20.00
Ear Cleaning only $10.00
Mini Makeover (eye corners, feet, rear trim & nails) $20.00
Anal Glands (external only) $20.00
Matted Animal Charge $10.00-$50.00
Flea Baths $10.00-$20.00
Teeth Brushing (with groom only) $10.00
Add on Dremel to any Full Service $8
Bandanna or Bows FREE
Spray of cologne FREE